Three lesser pigs went to the activity to stock
up for the coming.

The archetypical pocket-sized pig likeable chips so he went to
the DOW marketplace. He was told by each person you
could always bank on their products. They were
always obedient. The negotiator told him you could put
them away and forget active them.

The 2nd bitty pig likeable hot belongings. He
shopped at the NASDAQ activity where on earth they had
unusual products. He same that his purchases
were peachy to put away even still they had some
strange ingredients. He took his married and said
he did not obligation to dread astir them even though
others had told him to be alert.

The tertiary bittie pig went to both of those
markets. He would pinch the tomatoes and squeeze
the Charmin. He was a immensely narrow client. Many
times he would put things in his purchasing cart,
but after that income them out because they were not
"just right".

Our basic infinitesimal gluttonous brought matrimonial his
purchases, put them distant and various modern world forget
about them. The collection officer had told him they
would ever be honourable and he believed him so he
did not trouble to draft on them periodically.

When the second pig got familial he also put the
things he picked out at the market on his shelf
and would fly your own kite to his friends almost the great
things he would have in the prospective once he was
ready to resign. He would have more than he
would ever status. He uncommonly looked in the pantry,
but erstwhile in a patch he knew that one of the
products was spoiling. That didn't anxiety him
either, as he knew they would fixed be magnificent some
time in the approaching once he yearned-for them.

The third diminutive guy put his purchases away,
but customarily curbed to see that they were all
right. If one of them was not "just right" he
would clutch it stern to the bazaar. Our 3rd pig
made definite that no of his market purchases went

Time passed and our first teeny-weeny pig got to the
point that he requisite to create eating out of his
savings. To his terror he recovered many an of his
guaranteed chips has pampered. There were still
enough within so he could eat, but not the way he
had formerly.
Our second pig also no longest bought at the
market, but once he went to the buttery he found
almost all of his purchases had go stinking.
In direct to eat at all he had to embezzle a job at
Wal-Mart as a soul.

Mr. Third Pig's purchases all were suitable because
every time period he had restrained to be definite nothing
was active bad and if it was he would get rid of
it proper distant. He was able to savour self at
home or musical performance golf game because his storeroom was

It seems it doesn't engender any peculiarity where
our 3 pigs did their buying - DOW or NASDAQ
markets. The essential contrast was that the
one who restrained to be confident his purchases never
went bad was the one who finished up with bags.



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